ABC Sport

ABC Sport Skiset is your shop for ski and snowboard hire in winter. In summer, ABC sport is your specialized shop for Electric MTB; sales and rental of MTB and MTB equipment located right by the bottom station of the Super Morzine cable car.

-In winter, Sébastien, ski instructor and his team will take into consideration your needs and will meet your expectations for the rental or sale of your ski equipment.
-In summer, it’s your new store exclusively devoted to MTB with electric assistance. A wide range of semi-rigid or fully suspended bicycles is available for hire. It is also a place where to get equiped, to get a complete motor diagnosis, to maintance on your bike or to be advised for purchases. Electric mountain bikes

From 01/06 to 15/09, daily between 8.30 AM and 7 PM. From 01/12 to 20/04, daily between 8.30 AM and 7 PM.