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Whitewater activities

The mountain wouldn’t be so green if there weren’t so many streams and rivers. The mountain water gushes out of its spring, bounces from rock to rock, simply inviting you to join in the fun! Several mountain streams now include equipment designed for fun descents alternating abseiling, jumps and natural waterslides. Various other activities are possible:
• Rafting (river descent in an inflatable canoe paddled by several people)
• Hot-dog (small boat similar to a raft, but smaller)
• Hydrospeeding (whitewater swimming using a float and flippers)
• Canoeing/kayaking (river descent by rigid canoe)
Professionals supervise all these activities.
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7 Aventures
Along the Dranse (a branch of the river feeding into Lake Geneva) is a 7km trail (Cl II - III). A guide at the helm of the river boat takes 6 to 8 ...
Bureau des Guides de Morzine Avoriaz
Whether you are the sporty type or not, this fun activity will open your eyes to a new world where natural beauty prevails.
Bureau des Activités de Montagne
Walk, jump, slide and have fun while experiencing canyoning under the guidance of an expert guide. He will take you to see some magnificent scenary!
Frogs Rafting
Come and discover the rivers in the Alps on a 1 or 2 place raft/boat. More challenging than rafting, this activity offers even more thrills.
Frogs Rafting
Canyoning: natural refreshment! Descend waterfalls and gorges with abseils, natural rock slided, jumping, swimming and walking A refreshing activity...
Star Ski - Eaux Zone
White water hiking combined with rope techniques, abseiling, jumps, natural slides…..guaranteed adrenalin! Day or half-day outings.
Star Ski - Eaux Zone
Equipment: a float, flippers and a padded wetsuit. Experience the river from within!
Star Ski - Eaux Zone
Up to 7 people per boat. Suitable for everyone, rafting allows you to discover the river easily and safely under the supervision of a guide who knows...
Star Ski - Eaux Zone
Fun and suitable for everyone, you have to guide your boat through the waves under the watchful eye of your guide who will be there to show you the ...
Evolution 2
Accessible to everybody, this activity allows to admire the grandiose and picturesque scenery offered by the region.