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Morzine innovates and offers the first “Yoga on Skis” run in France. A slope dedicated to wellbeing and to the practice of letting go with a series of 10 yoga postures on the Lievre run in the Nyon sector. Yoga exercises done on skis that aim to get the body ready for winter sports with simple energy gaining postures (PRANA) as well as balancing and stability ones (ASANA), breathing exercises to unify body and movement (VINYASA), tools to relax (SAVASANA), to refocus (OM), and to fully appreciate the mountain’s benefits and the beauty of an exceptional site (NAMASTE).The word yoga may translate to “union”: a yogi therefore attempts to unify all the different aspects of being (body and mind) in order to reach inner peace.
The Yogi Run offers the chance to connect with this exceptional natural site while getting ready for skiing.
10 asanas (postures), specifically chosen and adapted to an on-ski practice are presented along this run. Each with its own objective. Performing them will allow you to fully enjoy your day on the mountain.  
Perform each posture while stopped, with your skis perpendicular to the slope. Listen to your body: never push further than what you feel comfortable with, and stay in each posture for as long as you feel their benefit.

PRANAMAYA   -  Breathing management
PRANA, the vital breath: It focusses your attention on one point only and releases stress.
Stand up straight, hands on your stomach. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing.
Slowly let your tummy rise up and down with your breath to settle your mind. Then open your eyes again and take a moment to take in the exceptional setting you find yourself in.
VINYASA  - Harmony of breath and movement 
On the inhale, lift your arms up to the sky: stretch your body from the tip of your fingers to your heels, and enjoy the lovely feeling of wellbeing. On the exhale, slowly lower the arms back down along your body and anchor yourself to the ground.
Salute to the Sun SURYA NAMASKAR - Energy
Breathe in and lift your arms up to the sky: Feel your spine lengthening.
On the exhale, lean forward with your knees bent until the tip of your fingers touch your skis.
Inhale and slowly get back up, knees bent, unrolling your spine vertebra by vertebra.
Repeat 3 times, paying attention to your body’s temperature.
The Chair  UTKATASANA (Middle beginner Lievre bypass) - Strength  - Self Confidence
Arms stretched in line with your spine, imagine yourself sitting in a chair slightly away from you: trust yourself and go with the slight backwards disbalance. Now put your palms together and open your heart to the vallee by bringing together your elbow mountain side to your knee valley side. 
Hold the posture for about thirty seconds.
Turn your skis the other way and repeat.
Standing forward bend  UTTANASANA - Flexibility - Change
Cross your poles behind your back. On a long exhale, bend forward while keeping your back as straight as possible, lifting your arms towards the sky. Feel the stretch on your back. This posture allows an entirely different vision of things and opens your mind to new perspectives.
Downward dog  ARDHA MUKHA SVANASANA - Strength - Flexibility
Remove your skis and get down on your hands and knees. On the exhale, lift your buttocks to the sky to create a nice pyramid with your body. Relax your neck muscles and let your head hang, dig your hands and heels in the ground to feel all the benefits of this posture.  
The Tree VRKASANA - Balance of mind and body
The tree is a marvellous symbol of grounding force and opening up to the world: First, find this connection to the ground then lift the heel of your ski (mountain side). Stay in this position for a few seconds, then lift your arms up the sky and connect your mind to the natural surroundings.
Turn your skis in the opposite direction and repeat the posture.
Cow face  GOMUKHASANA -Flexibility – Open heart
Place one of your poles behind your back, lifting your elbow to the sky. With the other hand, catch the other end of the pole. Open your heart by slowly pulling the pole down.
Half-moon pose ARDHA CHANDRASANA - Strength - Flexibility
Sit in the snow, skis on. Lift your hips up by pushing on your hand (mountain side) and your knee (under). Push your hips forwards. End your half-moon by placing the other arm well above your head.
DHYANA - Meditation
Close your eyes and breathe slowly and deeply. Feel your mind settling and calming with each breath. Once relaxed, take in positive energy with each inhalation, and release negativity with the exhalation.