Take advantage of your holiday in Morzine to experience a wide range of activities

On their return from vacation, some will talk about the happiness of being together with family or friends, their long evenings by the fireplace or at the restaurant. Others will rather remember their exploits and their many memories of the activities they tried or which they were able to improve during their stay in Morzine. Still others will be experts on the epic landscape, the authentic feel of the mountain town or the luxurious atmosphere in their chalet. But every single person will remember experiencing real and wonderful moments, singular and many, simple and precious. Moments that are so emotionally powerful that we would never want to keep them to ourselves. That’s the effect Morzine has on us; the resort that transforms every minute into a second of eternity; every personal memory into a moment truly worth sharing.
In winter and in summer, there is definitely a wide range of activities in Morzine!

Sports activities to practice in Morzine in summer

In the resort, there are many providers who offer a wide range of sports activities to help you discover and love the mountains in summer! To spend a great vacation with your whole family and to please the children, why not fill your schedule with a morning by the swimming pool in the Dérêches park, a tennis game with the family, and end the day well with a summer toboggan descent. That plan should delight your children, right?
And, as a tip you can’t ignore, please note that you can take advantage of the Multi-Pass card for privileged access to about fifty activities in all of the Portes du Soleil for an unbeatable price!

Sports activities to practice in winter in Morzine

In winter, contrary to popular belief, it's not just skiing that you can practice in the resort, and in Morzine in particular. Broaden your vision of winter sports and learn about other types of sliding, such as sledding, skijoring, or even yooner. You can also practice gentle activities, such as snowshoeing.

Visits and discovery of the resort

If you are not so much into sports and more into culture, we recommend that you explore the village, its typical little streets and the rich Savoyard heritage of Morzine.