Adventure Trails

Among the undergrowth, the tall spruces, the beech trees and the silver birches are an invitation to build a tree house and, to play games perched way up. So why not climb up under the treetops and enjoy an adventure with a difference?
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Between skies and ground, hanging at 35m above ground under the Morzine bridge. The eXtrême links the 2 sides of the valley. This activity will make ...
100% safety Play at being Tarzan in safety, scoot from branch to branch at Indiana Parc where there's an all-natural circuit with monkey ladders and ...
7 Aventures
Bioge fun adventure trails take you from tree to tree by the river. This sport is a great way to explore the mountain with specialist equipment.
Cascade Aventure
"Cascade Aventure" gives you the opportunity to try a tree-to-tree adventure course. It's available for everybody, kids and adults. No particular ...