Why should you choose a "Famille Plus" resort?


What is a Famille Plus resort?

As a Famille Plus resort , Morzine has committed to optimally meeting the expectations of your family, especially those of your children.
The criteria that a Famille Plus resort must meet are as follows:
- Reception and information
- Suitable activities for families
- Discovery and awareness of the environment and heritage 
- Suitable accommodation, catering and shops and services for families
- Equipment, transport and security
- Special prices for families and / or children        
Our main goal is to simplify, but above all to facilitate your family holidays in our resort. The activities and entertainment offered to you during your stay have been particularly designed to satisfy all members of your family.
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A Label to guarantee a good holiday for families

This approach to families, born in 2006, allows tourist destinations and tourism professionals to best meet the specific needs of families when they go on holidays. It also provides a guarantee of destination compliance. Thus, a Famille Plus resort guarantees you a quality stay, rich in emotion and memories.
In order to respond more precisely to your expectations and desires, the label is available in 4 distinct kinds of area: mountains, the seaside, nature, and cities. In total, 124 resorts hold the Famille Plus label. Morzine is one of the mountain resorts with the “Famille Plus” label and is committed to a nationally recognized quality approach. When you are looking for a holiday destination with your children, this is a criterion that you should not overlook.

The advantages of Morzine, a Famille Plus resort for family holidays

During your holidays in Morzine, we do everything  to make your family stay a success.
This is why we commit to:
  1. Receive each family with a personalized welcome
  2. Organize activities adapted for all ages
  3. Adapt prices according to the age of the children
  4. Organize activities for all the members of the family
  5. Make sure that all shops and services are within your reach
  6. Take care of your children.
Through these commitments, we have a real desire to make your family stay unforgettable. These criteria that we are committed to respecting are also your guarantee of quality of service and reception.
All you have to do is enjoy your stay in Morzine!
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