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Adventure Trails

Among the undergrowth, the tall spruces, the beech trees and the silver birches are an invitation to build a tree house and, to play games perched way up. So why not climb up under the treetops and enjoy an adventure with a difference?
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Bioge fun adventure trails take you from tree to tree by the river. This sport is a great way to explore the mountain with specialist equipment.
Cascade Aventures
"Cascade Aventure" gives you the opportunity to try a tree-to-tree adventure course. It's available for everybody, kids and adults. No particular ...
Indiana Ventures
Nature trail in the forest : the biggest and best in the area. More than 2 and a half hours of adventure and fun for all the family. The only ...
Play at being Tarzan in safety, scoot from branch to branch at Indiana Parc where there's an all-natural circuit with monkey ladders and rope bridges ...