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A sport that’s really good for you!
Cross-country skiing is very safe; the accident rate is only 1:10 000 days of crosscountry skiing, compared with 1:100 days of downhill skiing. For this reason, cross-country skiing is perfect for anyone trying to get their strength back after illness, and mums-to-be. It’s a proper work-out! Your heart, circulation, breathing, flexibility and chest muscles are all involved. As proof of its effectiveness, the sport is preferred training by cyclists, marathon runners and triathletes! It is the most complete sport and a real "slimming" program since you burn calories by working all your muscles, while enjoying a rather nice environment! For children, it’s a sport that improves balance and muscle coordination; it’s also an ideal way to develop skills and suppleness.

Morzine has multiple Nordic ski routes, in various sectors such as the Manche Valley, Pléney and Chavannes, Super Morzine or even Montriond Lake for a total of around more than 60 kilometers of slopes.

A guide references all the routes and maps associated with the practice of this discipline, to consult it, click here.
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