Morzine-Avoriaz is conscious of the environmental impact of its actions. Beyond simply being aware of it, there is action: as part of the work towards obtaining the Flocon Vert (green snowflake) award, the town has developed a roadmap to limit its carbon footprint and better manage its natural resources.
And while these efforts are very important, they are not sufficient on their own.
In fact, 57% of a resort's carbon footprint comes from transportation (Source: Bilan Carbon ANMSM).
Before you leave, think about the best way to come and visit us in Morzine!

Thanks to, you will be able to schedule, book and pay for your trip from anywhere in the world in one go, integrating all modes of transportation, right into the heart of the resort. On the booking platform, 6 means of transport are available to you: trains, buses and shuttles, car rental, airplanes, and taxis.
On each calculated route, the CO2 emissions and the transit time are displayed. This gives you the choice to adjust the criteria of CO2 emissions, travel time and cost in building your trip. This is the solution that allows you to find the best route by proposing the one with the least carbon emissions!
In one click, book your trip including all the tickets you need to come to Morzine.

Something extra for train travelers!
Montagne Verte, a local environmental association, is also very active in the field of mobility, and launched the Alpine Express Pass.
The approach? To encourage the valley's businesses to grant discounts to holidaymakers who travel to the village by train.
As we know, taking the train is not always the cheapest or quickest option.
So to reward the effort made by holidaymakers to reduce their carbon footprint, accommodation providers, restaurant owners, shopkeepers, ski rental companies, service providers and ski lifts have agreed to offer them preferential rates.

And once you’re here?
In Morzine, an ambitious policy initiated by the town hall aims to pedestrianize certain areas. For example, since this winter, the Tourist Office square in the heart of the village has been pedestrianized.
The network of shuttles continues to be reinforced with wider opening hours and more frequent services.
When we know that the car has 10 times more impact than the bus per km (source ADEME), it is imperative to do everything possible to make the use of public transport a must. When you stay in Morzine, you don't need a car, you can go everywhere by foot, bike or bus.