Covid-19: Morzine preparing your safe summer holiday



Each month a newsletter on vaccination and the epidemiological situation is published by the prefecture of Haute-Savoie, to consult the latest, click here.

Information on this page is updated regularly

Morzine is ready and waiting to welcome you

We want to experience the joys of the mountains, of freedom and nature, but we want to feel safe while we do so. The mountains offer an incredible natural playground, and with the vast space of the Portes du Soleil spread out across 600km of skiing, there is plenty of space for everyone to feel at ease as they enjoy the fresh air. We’re taking safety seriously and are busy working on what is needed to ensure you can relax and enjoy time in Morzine.
Strict hygiene measures will be in place, activities have been specially adapted, but the same fresh open spaces will be available to enjoy in safety. Whether you’re at the lifts, Tourist Office, your accommodation, local transport, or our shops and restaurants you’ll be expected to wear a mask, will find hand sanitizer available, as well as the now ubiquitous reminders to wash your hands! We take your safety seriously and are putting all the necessary measures into place.

Mask-wearing is obligatory in all enclosed spaces.

Hand sanitiser is available.

Contact areas are regularly and thoroughly disinfected.

Distancing instructions are in place 

and a onewaysystem must be followed in

many businesses and the Tourist Office

The Morzine Tourist Office obtained the Safeguard award

This certification confirms the effective sanitary measures carried out, and that all the health and hygiene conditions have been met in our locations. For an establishment that welcomes the public such as the Morzine-Avoriaz Tourist Office, it is important to provide a guarantee that preventative action has been put into place in the context of the  Covid-19 pandemic.

A thorough audit has recently been carried out to check that all the necessary measures have been put into place.

Amongst the points checked  :
Engagement by the Management to work against the risk of contamination
Reinforced hygiene rules are enforced : cleaning, disinfection
Social distancing rules are carried out amongst colleagues and with clients
Application of barrier measures amongst colleagues and with clients
Actions needed in case of a suspicion of contamination

Sanitary measures at the Tourist Office 

- Information on sanitary measures is available at the tourist office. Wearing a mask is compulsory and the maximum capacity is set to 15 people.
- Important information (emergency numbers, weather forecast, lift openings, current events and activities) will be visible from outside the TO and various brochures will be downloadable by QR-codes (hiking guide, trail maps, restaurant guides, road bike guide, mountain bike guide…)
- Plexiglass windows at the Tourist Office front desk and in the Morzine Reservation office.
- One way plan and signs in the building.
- Floor marking to respect social distance in front of the welcome desk.
- Hand sanitiser gel at the entrance of the building (automatic terminal) and automatic hand disinfection station also available during the activities organised by the tourist office.
- Masks available on request at the front desk.
- Main door locked in the open position so that you don't have to touch it.
- No more self-service brochures to prevent brochures from being touched and then put back. Brochures will be handed only at the front desk by the Tourist Office staff who regularly disinfect their hands.
- Removal of the self-service internet area (WIFI remains available outside, on the square in front of the Tourist Office).
- Total closure of the children's area.
- Elimination of certain seats on benches located inside the building in order to respect social distance.

Accommodation and booking

Risk free reservations

Morzine Réservation will refund all sums paid by the customer (excluding reservation fee) in the event of cancellation requested by the customer in the following cases :
- Lockdown
- Travel restrictions
- Quarantine imposed in your town or country

These measures have to be in effect at the moment of your stay.
Official proof will be required for any request for refund.
In all other cases, the general cancellation conditions will apply.

To insure against further personal eventualities, Morzine Réservation has adapted special cancellation policies taking into account the Covid-19 pandemic, so that you can book your holiday with complete peace of mind. Full details are available here or call us on +33(0)4 50 79 11 57.

In addition, in the event of personal problems related to COVID-19, you have the option of subscribing to our optional cancellation / assistance / repatriation insurance (4% of the amount of the stay) which covers the following cases *:
- You are in quarantine because you are COVID-19 positive.
- You have COVID-19 and cannot travel after confirmation from your doctor.
- One of your relatives is seriously ill (hospitalization / death).
- Denied boarding due to temperature control.
* Refunds under the conditions of the cancellation insurance.
Please note that some activities usually available in the season may be canceled or limited by administrative decision. This does not constitute a reason for compensation or cancellation without charge.