Danny Macaskill & Morzna Palooza


The Santa Cruz Morzine team organised events around their ambassador Danny Macaskill, and the Santa Cruz Syndicate, during the week of August 22nd. A full week of mountain bike themed events and activities with some of the greatest stars in mountain biking! Visitors to Morzine could take part in a virtual reality ride on a Santa Cruz by getting on Danny’s saddle to experience two mountain biking runs as he rides them. Both require balance, and offer a very realistic feeling ride, you could even feel the texture of the ground as you rode as well as hear and see breathtaking scenery.
Danny MacAskill ?
Danny MacAskill is a trials mountain biker born in 1985 in Dunvegan, Scotland. From a young age, the Scotsman fell in love with everything to do with bikes. His passion for two wheels has never waned and the 37-year-old has taken his place among the icons of the mountain bike world, thanks to years of hard work to progress and perfect his skills.
His time in Morzine
This Scotsman is a regular visitor to Morzine, and came to ride Morzine’s mountain bike trails for a week. Thanks to his Santa Cruz team, based in Morzine, he shared with us his adventures, his future projects, and gave time to sign our helmets, frames, posters... Santa Cruz organized an outdoor film night in the square in front of the Morzine Tourist Office, showing the videos that highlighted his talent in many different environments, as well as a special night in the Morzine cinema. During these viewings, he explained the context, what happened behind the scenes of each shoot, the concept of the videos… Visitors to Morzine also had the opportunity to share a beer with him at a bar, opposite the Santa Cruz showroom in Rue du Bourg. He is passionate about bikes and always ready to give his time to those who come to see him.
Every Wednesday the Morzine bike club brings together Morzine’s kids to ride and hone their skills on the local mountain bike trails. This week was particularly special! Danny Macaskill made a magic square with the children of the Morzine bike club. The concept is based on the idea of musical chairs, the last person to stay track-standing on their bike without touching the ground wins. The more people who step off the bike, the smaller the square becomes, leaving less and less room to ride and balance. The big winner was Danny Macaskill despite the club's students trying to pin him down. Once again Danny took the time to sign autographs and take photos with the students to capture the moment. »
When you’re in Morzine, don’t miss checking out the Santa Cruz Showroom on the rue du Bourg.
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