Get ski fit for winter


Planning to ski this winter? Before hitting the slopes it helps to do a few exercises to get back in shape!
  •  - © Verity Taylor-Littler

Prepare your legs for the fresh snow

It's best to start preparing your body 1 to 2 months before your ski holiday, in a gentle and regular way. Ankles, knees, thighs... Your legs must be ready for the effort, both to avoid injuries and to enjoy skiing more.

If you are in Morzine or close by, the Parc des Dérêches has an outdoor fitness trail that is perfect for a workout. There are a total of 20 facilities located in the heart of the park along the Dranse River. Each exercise point has a description of what you need to do. Power, agility and endurance, a great program awaits you!

It is always good to work on your cardio, no matter what sport you want to practice, including skiing. But if you're not a fan of running (especially when it starts to get chilly), you can train from home with a jumping rope, for example, or riding the elliptical trainer if you have the necessary equipment.

Professionals to guide you

For an effective fitness program, you can also go to a gym, where the appropriate equipment is available. On your own or with a coach, perform exercises that will mobilize different areas of the body. 

Buzz Performance has a gym in Morzine where you can choose to simply workout on your own, get personalized coaching or do group exercise classes.
After a day on the Morzine ski slopes, your body will thank you for having trained before!
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Prepare your body, but also your equipment

It is important to be in shape for skiing, but it is equally important to take care of your skis: so ensure they are waxed at the beginning of the season. Wax is the product applied to the base of your skis to ensure better glide and grip.

The many sports shops in Morzine offer this service, so think about it when you arrive!

While you're at it, don't hesitate to have your bindings checked and tightened to make sure everything is in place before your first run. And off you go, ready to hit the slopes.
  •  - © Verity Taylor-Littler