Le parapente à Morzine


Paragliding in Haute-Savoie

Another point of view.
You know the Aulps valley like the back of your hand. The smallest nooks and crannies no longer hold any secrets for you. Do you know it from the air? You have the opportunity to live a rather unique experience in Haute-Savoie, to see the Mont-Blanc, the Chablais mountains and Lake Geneva. You will have time to admire the slopes and the topography surrounding Morzine Avoriaz. You will also be able to see the Morzinettes, a place that lies below the Hauts Forts, between Avoriaz and Morzine.

The Tandem Course in summer and winter.

Why choose? You can experience paragliding in winter as well as in summer. Our service providers offer tandem paragliding for a unique experience. The discipline is called speedriding when you practice paragliding in winter. The little extra is that you have the opportunity to ski and fly, a rather unusual and unique moment. As for the equipment, it is controlled and monitored by the person who will supervise your flight, it is his responsibility. For the summer, we advise you to dress as if you were going hiking. That is to say, a good pair of shoes or trainers, socks and, depending on the weather, trousers and a fleece, because you should not forget that you are going to climb to altitude. As you probably know, the higher you go, the colder the air. So even if on the ground you can handle a t-shirt, trust us. And for the winter; dress as you would when you go skiing, the anorak and trousers will protect you from the cold and allow you to enjoy your tandem flight to the full.

Paragliding schools in Morzine

You will find below, our service providers who will be happy to accompany you on a first flight or to help you relive a flight. Or if you wish to learn the ropes, you can take a paragliding course to obtain your paragliding licence. Our schools will be happy to help you with your project. You have different levels to pass before you get your paragliding licence. You can find all the information from our providers here.

Among our Morzine residents, we have a world champion paraglider. Charles Cazaux. If you don't know him yet you can find out in our next article.