Bio-diversity and nature

- Morzine-Avoriaz has been awarded the Geopark du Chablais label. It has a Natura 2000 zone and several wetlands.
- PEFC certification: In 2021, the commune obtained PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes) certification, which guarantees sustainable wood and forest management practices. PEFC standards concern:
1.         Sustainable forest management: ensuring long-term survival and renewal through natural regeneration or planting, preserving trees and promoting species diversity.
2.         Wood resources and biodiversity: respect for animal and plant species, their habitats and reproductive cycles, in particular by preserving dead or old trees, banning GMOs in forests and preserving forest ponds/wetlands, which also help to maintain forest balance.
3.         Quality of work in the forest.
- 0% phytosanitary products: The commune is committed to sustainable management of its green spaces. The movement begun in recent years is now leading to zero use of phytosanitary products (Zéro Phyto). For example, moss is treated by steam burning, weeding is done manually, and certain areas are treated less regularly. The aim is also to implement differentiated management to limit energy and water consumption, and further preserve wildlife and biodiversity.
- Differentiated management to limit energy and water consumption. Eco-pasturing in the commune.
- A ski area that becomes a biotope observatory! Studies of skier numbers have been carried out in the Morzine ski area to identify areas to protect for mountain birds such as the Black Grouse. These analyses have defined favorable and unfavorable zones. The Morzine ski area now has 2 protected areas: the Lac de Joux plane and the Col de Joux plane. Work has therefore been carried out (brush clearing, etc.) to make the environment more conducive to the development of these species. In 2019, this work, which cost 20,000 euros, was financed 50% by the Pléney ski lift company and 50% by the 74 hunting federation.
- SA Pléney (Morzine's ski and leisure area) and the Observatoire des Galliformes de Montagnes signed a multi-year plan for the visualization of overhead cables that pose a threat to mountain birds. The lift cables have been equipped with visualizers, approximately every 5 meters on portions identified as potentially dangerous.
- Reasonable use of salt on roads in winter, and usage of pozzolan (efficient weather forecasting service to limit usage).
- les aigles du Léman: reintroduction of the white-tailed eagle. Based on the Nyon plateau in Morzine, Jacques-Olivier came to live with his captive-born birds of prey, to teach them to fly and live in the wild. His shows raise awareness about mountain birds and help fund an important reintroduction programme of an endangered species that’s been extinct in our region since 1892. 6 young birds of prey were introduced to the region in 2022, with releases planned over 8 years and studies to continually evolve and improve the programme. More info:
- Some ideas for eco-gestures to adopt in the mountains: come by train, don’t pick flowers, stay on the paths, use reusable water bottles instead of plastic ones, collect garbage, eat local produce...