Our spots for the best photos in Morzine


Whether you want to treasure special memories, pimp your Instagram feed, make your friends and family green with envy, or just snap away for the fun of it, getting great photos is an important, maybe even essential, part of a holiday!
To help you take the best photos of your holiday in Morzine, here are our Top 4 photographic hotspots:

1 - le Pas de l’Aigle

This really is THE not-to-be missed spot in Morzine. Built in 2020 at the summit of Nyon, the Pas de l’Aigle sky bridge provides a breathtaking view of the surrounding snowy peaks. Les Hauts Forts, le Fornet, les Dents du midi, la Tour Sallière, les Dents Blanches..all spread out before you! Would you know which is which ?

Not only is the view exceptional but getting to it is an interesting experience too - it feels like you’re suspended in mid-air ! (a word to the wise for those afraid of heights : don’t look down!)

To get there, take the Pointe de Nyon chairlift and climb the steps at the top!

2- Lake Montriond

The lake that’s trending on Instagram !

Summer and winter alike, the splendour of Lake Montriond never ceases to draw tourists and locals. Take a snowshoe walk round the lake to admire it from every angle and choose the best photo opps.

Some tips for original photos :
- play around with the reflections of mountains and trees in the lake
- if you have panorama mode on your phone, try taking one vertical shot upwards moving from bottom to top : this will add a sense of grandeur and depth to your image

To finish off your visit to Lake Montriond, how about a little cold dip or paddle in the dedicated swimming area ? Ideal to cool off after a walk.

3- The summit of the Chamossière chairlift

If you’re spending the day skiing and take the chairlift up to Chamossière, stop there a moment to admire the view (weather permitting, of course). A superb panorama of the mountain range will unfold before you – it’s the perfect spot to whip off your gloves, pull out your phone and capture a jaw-dropping image!

4- Lake Mines d’Or

Yes, another lake, but they all have their individual charms !

Lake Mines d’Or, a pretty little lake perched above the Valley de la Manche is worth the detour! In all seasons, you can walk to the lake from a starting point in l’Erigné. Check out the diverse flora and fauna in this conservation area and find the perfect vantage point to admire the spectacular geological formation of Bostan, with its amazing onion-skin folds of rock.  
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