Sit skiing

Another delightful activity to get reaccustomed to Mother Nature in the Alpine region is sit skiing that is specially tailored for disabled people. However, it is equally enlivening for those who do not know how to ski. This life-enhancing experience not only lets all visitors enjoy the Alpine beauty but also means any disabilities, or lack of skiing experience, don’t prevent them from having fun and being adrenaline enthusiasts.
With specially trained instructors and sit-ski equipment, there is nothing holding you back from enjoying downhill skiing. Experience the Alpine breeze brush against your skin, the buzz of speeding down the gentle slopes and feel your heart-pumping like never before. With a tandem ski, 2 dual skis and 1 uni ski, you can pick the one as per your convenience and hit the slopes.

P.S. All the equipment can be provided in resort via the instructors that guide the sit ski.
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  • Handiski ESF Morzine
  • Handiski ESF Morzine
  • Handiski ESF Morzine
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Lessons or guiding for skiers with physical or mental disabilities