The 5 favorite activities in Morzine from blogger Checkoutsam


During my visit to the Portes du Soleil, I discovered that there is much more to do here besides skiing and snowboarding. Are you curious about my five favorite winter activities in Morzine? Then make sure to read on!
Sometimes I can become really jealous of drones. Once these flying camera's soar up in the air, they get beautiful views in no time. As we humans don't have wings (yet?!), the best way to get such an amazing vantage point, is by planning a thrilling ride with a parapente.
With your ski's still attached to your boots, you slide down a snow covered hill before launching yourself into the air. Once the adrenaline has settled in, you'll want this experience to last forever. The views you get from up high are truly breath taking.
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Snow scooter racing
Before I visited Morzine, I thought you could only rent a snow scooter in places like the Arctic. I couldn't be more wrong, because here too, you can speed along the snowy slopes. With a guide, you are tagged along the winter wonderland surroundings of Morzine. You'll speed through mesmerizing landscapes and while doing this, you might even feel a bit like James Bond. I would suggest to dress a little warmer than him, though. The wind can be piercing!
Snow shoe walks
If you're really interested in the snow scovered landscapes, then I suggest you to take a snow shoe walk. Area's that are otherwise impossible to get to, are now only a hike away.
Snow shoes create a much bigger surface below your feet, so that you won't sink away in the deep snow. Because of this, you can now explore places which are otherwise inaccessible. It's even possible that you'll meet some furry locals along the way, or well... At least some of their footprints!
Guided sledding tour
Never have I ever had this much fun with sledding.  Once the skiers and snowboarders went downhill for the last time that day, it's time for the guided sledding tour. Together with three guides, you and your companions will sled down one of the long slopes all the way to Morzine. Prepare yourself for a hilarious ride, a lot of snow eating and thrilling fun, because this really is an activity that everyone will love.
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Nordic Walking
If you wish to combine snow shoe walking with skiing, then Nordic walking is the absolute best choice. It might seem rather easy at the beginning, but wait until you're climbing up a slope! Nordic walking is quite tiring, but you are soon rewarded with stunning views and vistas. The slats are extremely light-weight, so it's not so easy to slalom down and -again- this might make for some hilarious moments!
Sam is the blogger behind Checkoutsam. An international travel blog with Belgian, Dutch and recently also a German website. A little while ago, he visited the Portes du Soleil and wrote about his experiences. Would you like to know more? Then make sure to check out his blog!