Time to relax after skiing


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You gave everything you had on the slopes, now it's time to relax and we have just what you need!

After a day on the slopes, we suggest a session... of sport! But not just any sport because the purpose isn't to make an intense effort but to make your muscles work gently to avoid aches and pains the next day.

The ideal is to choose a stretching or yoga session which allows you to develop flexibility and therefore not only to relieve the muscles but also to prepare your body better for the next day of skiing.

You'll find many yoga and fitness classes available in Morzine.
  • Yoga class - © strength serenity yoga storycrafters
  • Yoga class - © strength serenity yoga storycrafters
Maintaining your well-being
Many skiers experience aches and pains after the first day of skiing or during their ski holiday. Stretching provides psychological and physical relaxation and acts as a buffer against pain.

A good bath
Skiing and snowboarding mainly involve the thigh muscles. After a long day's skiing, you will need to pamper your thighs so that you can be ready for the next morning when the lifts open! To do this, there is no substitute for a good hot bath. Indeed, the heat will relax your muscles. So don't hesitate to raise the water temperature to 40 degrees to maximise muscle relaxation. Finally, if you want to increase the benefits of a hot bath, finish with a cold shower on the legs, the cold avoids the leakage of calcium present near the muscle and will help it to regenerate more quickly and the cold also has an anti-inflammatory effect.
Following a heavy effort, perform gentle short stretches of less than 30 seconds. While standing, take your foot from behind and slowly pull it towards your back. When you reach maximum tension in the muscle, hold the position for 30 seconds, then do the same with the other leg. Still standing, place your foot on the seat of a chair in front of you, or even on a table if you are flexible, and slowly bend forward to pick up your foot with your hand. Don't force it, and when you feel that you have reached maximum tension, even if you don't touch your foot, hold the position for 30 seconds. Do the same with the other leg.

Massage yourself
You've probably seen athletes rushing to get a massage after a game or sporting event. Muscle massage is an integral part of sports performance and helps you recover more quickly from intense effort. Massage relaxes the muscles and has an analgesic effect on muscle pain. Massage your thighs, both in front and behind, along the length of the muscle, and if you are in a group, massage each other! There is nothing to prevent you from extending your massage to the calves, buttocks and even the back. Muscle massage must be tonic, deep, and can even be painful when the muscles are bent.

You can also call on one of Morzine's massage therapists to relieve your muscles either in their spas or the comfort of your accommodation.
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And finally...
If you feel tired, if your legs are heavy and painful, give yourself half a day's rest and don't neglect your diet either, a good meal made up of slow sugars and good hydration will help you rejuvenate your body for skiing the next day. Don't drink too much alcohol ( advice for genepi lovers!), as it causes dehydration.

And finally, don't neglect your sleep, it helps you to recover well and will allow you to be fresh for a new day of skiing!

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