TOP 5 Best pistes in Morzine


The Morzine ski area has 37 slopes (3 green, 16 blue, 15 red, 3 black) and we thought we'd have to choose the best 5...
A rather complicated task because we like them all. But after thinking about it, after having ridden the slopes over and over again, the choice was made!

This is obviously a non-exhaustive (and non-objective) list, maybe your favourite piste is not on it? Let us know!

1- Aigle Rouge 

It is THE slope of the Pointe de Nyon! (Before descending it, we advise you to make a small stop on the footbridge in the void, the Pas de l'Aigle with its exceptional view between Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc!)

From the summit to the plateau, the Aigle rouge piste offers you a long and beautiful descent, interspersed with turns. You can either do it in one go, or take small breaks at each turn (to rest your thighs and admire the view on the domain and the village below).

And of course, a red slope requires an intermediate or experienced level of skiing to be able to descend it (at least that's what we recommend)! 
To enjoy this run, follow the slopes towards the Nyon sector and take the Pointe de Nyon chairlift.

2- Arbis (red)

If you go to the Chamossière sector, the Arbis is the red run on the right at the arrival of the chairlift. From the summit at 2,002 metres, it offers a magnificent view of the surrounding peaks.

For the more courageous, after a first descent, take the TS Chamossière and this time at the arrival take the left and discover the Creux: a long black run with beautiful bumps! Perfect for warming up the thighs.
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  •  - © Verity Taylor-Littler
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3- Les Granges (blue)

During your skiing session, you will probably use it because it links the Pléney sector to the Nyon sector.
On the whole it is a blue which remains accessible for all levels, it comprises more or less inclined portions, with certain flat passages (thus do not forget to take a little speed not to have to row too much!)

Its good point: the passage in the middle of the snowy fir trees, a portion on the flat which allows you to slow down and look around... This passage will never cease to amaze us!
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4- Stade (red)

This one, even if its name doesn't tell you anything, you know it: it's the beautiful track which goes down directly to the foot of the village, below the Pléney. Visible from afar, you have probably already observed it and said to yourself "it looks pretty good").

It's a red slope with a nice descent so only venture down if your level allows it (and if you accidentally find yourself there, don't panic, take our time and make big turns, it will be fine!)
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5- Piste B (blue)

How about a blue one to finish the day?

The Piste B allows you to go back down to the village when your ski session is over (or to go back to the Pléney for a last run...). 

The piste is over 3km long and with its large width, you will have time and space to perfect your turns and technique!
When Morzine starts to appear between the fir trees at the end of the run, it's always a magical moment... and it also means that it's almost time for après-ski!
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