White water rafting in France

Do you like water ? Do you like thrills? Morzine has what you need!

The French Alps are renowned for their white water activities, promising pure fun for all ages. Come and enjoy a fun-filled half day white water rafting experience in Morzine. This will be the perfect opportunity to have an unforgettable and fun time.
 Are you looking for adventure and excitement ?... Rafting is for you! With friends or family, in groups of 6 to 8 people per boat, you will face the eddies and the current of the Dranse river... you won’t just sit back, enjoy the ride and the french alps scenery, you’ll need to paddle hard to keep the raft heading in the right direction!  The departure is near Morzine to arrive in the vicinity of Thonon-les-Bains by descending the Dranse, freshness, fun and adrenaline guaranteed.

What is rafting?

Rafting is a sport that is practiced in white water on board an inflatable raft.
You will begin this activity with a brief introduction to the equipment and its use, as well as safety techniques. After donning your helmets and safety gear, you simply jump into your boat and you are ready to go!
Armed with oars and several teammates, the goal is to paddle down rivers, streams and white water rapids while staying... In the boat! Team spirit, surpassing yourself and the outdoors... Rafting is an intense and exciting sport.
Compared to other boats that are less stable, rafting allows you to descend rapids that are not necessarily accessible by kayak or canoe.
Even if you have never practised white water sports previously you can enjoy rafting in Morzine, no prior skills are needed!

What equipment is needed for rafting?

Here is a short list of the equipment you will be provided with: a raft with footstraps to support the paddler and a lifeline to hold on to in case of a fall into the water; a paddle; a life jacket; a helmet that must be specific to rafting and protect the ears; a wetsuit that will be thicker or thinner depending on the time of year; and rafting shoes. Come wearing your swimsuit to go below the wetsuit, and pack a towel to try off after!

Is it dangerous?

Like many other mountain activities, rafting is not dangerous if you follow the guide's instructions. The guides are all fully qualified, and they are trained to intervene and ensure safety, and above all they know the river by heart.
Rafting is accessible as soon as you can swim and are comfortable in the water. However, on technical rivers a minimum age is often required. Different descents are possible for younger members of the family. Speak to the guides to ensure you book the right white water descent for you.
This is an experience not to be missed by anyone staying on holiday in Morzine this summer! Want to try something different? Our Morzine guides offer you the chance to experience canyoning with your family or friends.
After this expedition, if you need to cool off for a while, you'll find the lakes around Morzine or our swimming pool next to the Palais des Sports in Morzine. Please check out our Summer Activities pages to plan your stay.
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