Why should you try summer sledging?


No need for snow  for summer sledging

What if, in your summer holidays in the mountains, you tested a new activity full of sensations? Are you up for it? In this case, summer sledging is exactly what you need. 
And if you were wondering, no, it is not practiced on grass, as one might think, but on a track and with sleds provided for this purpose. For 20 years now, Morzine has been one of the resorts in Haute-Savoie which have their own summer sledging activity.
This will definitely be a way to discover the mountain from a whole new point of view while having fun.

What is exactly summer sledging?

The principle is quite simple. First of all, you have to buy your tickets at the Pléney ski lift ticket offices. Then, you can go straight up with the Crusaz chairlift to what is called the intermediate station., where you will have time to admire the beauty of the landscape of the French Alps, but particularly of the Morzine valley.
Once at the top, you take one of the sledges at your disposal, you put on the helmet that is provided at the start (it’s mandatory to wear it) and off you go!
There are two tracks. First of all, there is the Cool run. This is 800m long and is intended for beginners and children. Note that summer sledging is not offered to children under 3 years old and that up to 8 years old, children must be accompanied by an adult. The second summer sledging run in Morzine is called the Super. It is 900m long, is a little steeper and with more turns (16 in all). It is reserved for those over 14 who are looking for more sensations.

Summer sledging, an activity dedicated to the whole family

Summer sledging is accessible to everyone from 3 years old upwards and we expect you all, young and old, to race on the sledging runs located on the Pleney slope: we are pretty sure every member of your family will love it.  
Once at the bottom, you can also see on the photo box the shots taken during your ride down. Why not buy one and take it home as a souvenir of your summer holidays in Morzine?

Summer sledging in Morzine: All the practical info you need

Summer sledging generally opens at the beginning of July and closes at the end of August. It is accessible from 10:30 am until 6:00 pm every day of the week, except in bad weather - for safety reasons.
The activity is free for children under 5 years old. For others, it costs €5.60 per person for a chairlift ascent + descent.
Tip: Buy several tickets at once; it will cost you less than buying them as you go. Because we are sure, you will not only go once! Summer sledging is quite addictive!