Your Christmas holiday in Morzine


Morzine, Enchanted Village 

From December 17, 2022 to January 1, 2023, Morzine is transformed into an enchanted village for the pleasure of the whole family.
It's the perfect opportunity to celebrate Christmas and New Year's Eve amidst snow-covered trees and authentic chalets, all in a magical atmosphere!
  •  - © Sam Ingles
To organize your vacations and enjoy the various activities during this period, here is a small selection of events to guide you...
And to make sure you don't miss anything, you can find the complete program in our "All the events" section.

"Green Chaud" Welcome drink

Every Monday from 4:30 pm, our animators welcome you with a drink made with love: the Green Chaud ("green hot"), a mixture of green chartreuse and hot chocolate.
To share a friendly moment and start your vacations well, meet us at the tourist office square!

Ice Treasure Hunt

Equipped with an ice pick, children will have to carve the ice block until they find the gold coin!
The workshop is supervised by a professional who will teach them the basics of ice carving. The prize: a gift for everyone who finds the gold coin!
To participate, meet on Tuesday, December 20 at 5pm.

Become Santa's elf

In this virtual reality workshop, climb aboard Santa's sleigh and go distribute your gifts to all the children in town! This unique experience for young and old will transport you to Santa's tour as if you were there.
To try the experience, come to the tourist office from 4pm to 6pm, on Tuesday December 20th and Wednesday December 28th.


Parades and strolling

The geese in fanfare : Thursday December 22 at 5pm

Discover this unique and unusual street show: a flock of geese that wanders through the streets of the village to the rhythm of drums and whistles.
You will be able to see them during the 4 passages of 20 minutes as planned, at the tourist office and around.
  •  - © OT Morzine

Tik Tak Marionnettes : Friday, December 23 at 5 p.m.

To the rhythm of the music, strange characters made of lights and colors will also illuminate the streets! 

Wonderland, light juggling : Thursday, December 29 at 5:30 pm

A white rabbit, a mad hatter, an angry queen... does this remind you of anything? But where has Alice been hiding? Is she still defying the laws of weightlessness?
In this scene full of lights and sound, the Archibald Caramantran Company revisits this great classic of children's imagination and transports it into its dreamlike and popular universe.
  •  - © OT Morzine

"25 D", the hidden sons of Santa Claus: Saturday, December 24 at 5pm

They define themselves as the hidden sons of Santa Claus... It's true that they have some similarities with the famous man in red!

They wear about the same costume, but in a rapper's way it's "more swag". They also do Christmas carols but in hip-hop mode, it's "way cooler".

Like their illustrious father, they are very generous and love to hand out homemade gifts to passers-by, filled with good sounds and good laughs!
  •  - © Sam Ingles

Madame Ballon : Sunday December 25 at 5pm

All grace, gold and lightness, Madame Ballon is like a sweet dream, a caress...
Surrounded by her enormous cluster of balloons that accompanies her every move, she parades from the top of her 3.5m, all lit up, like a fairy sowing happiness in her path.
  •  - © OT Morzine

Jeannots : Friday December 30th at 5:30 pm

The Jeannots, two giant luminous rabbits, will walk the streets of the village with music to illuminate the penultimate evening of this year 2022.
After that, we will celebrate the new year and see you in 2023 on the slopes! 
  •  - © OT Morzine