Alexis was introduced to ski-mountaineering by a childhood friend. “Beforehand I had done a bit of ski touring but not much, I found the equipment too heavy. Then he took me to see the Pierra Menta. It was love at first sight.” So, in 2007, Alexis tried ski-mountaineering. As a lover of alpine skiing, Alexis adores mountain landscapes.
Today he is one of France’s best and continues to throw himself passionately and wholeheartedly into the sport. Alexis Sevenic has been a member of the French military team since 2013 and brought home the gold medal for individual performance at the world military games in Annecy in 2013 and in February in Sotchi in Russia, beating the Russians.
He took part in all different competition formats: sprint, vertical race, individual and team, and he was also able to add to his trophy cabinet some of the best events including the Patrouille des Glaciers, the Tour du Ruitor, the Mezzalama, the Adamello and the Pierra Menta.
Titles won:
Military World Champion (2013)
3rd in the World Championships (as part of team) 2013
2nd on the World Cup in Courchevel 2014
2nd in the Pierra Menta with Killian Jornet
Finalist in the Golden Trail Series 2018