In the air

Discover the mountains from the air

Among the essentials of your holidays in Morzine, we can think of paragliding or a helicopter flight! That's an original and accessible way to explore the Portes du Soleil area, or to treat yourself to Mont Blanc without any effort!  

Fly over Morzine

Paragliding is the simplest, most accessible and cheapest way to experience the sensations of flight. In Morzine, a multitude of experienced instructors and paragliding schools will be happy to share their passion with you. With them, you will be able to both discover and learn the techniques, get good advice to ensure the correct use of the equipment and, above all, fly safely above Morzine. Without a doubt, paragliding instructors will share with you their love of the sport and for the resort of Morzine!
So, have you thought about gliding gently through the air over your favourite mountains to get a different view of Morzine?
During the summer season, tandem paragliding in Morzine offers visitors an incredible opportunity to admire the Alpine landscapes and their greenery. It allows you to experience this magnificent landscape from a different perspective. This adventure, perfect for you or for the person to whom you decide to treat to a paragliding flight, will let you discover flying in complete safety with a qualified instructor.

How about speed-riding?

In winter, under favourable weather conditions, paragliding is quite possible but another option, perhaps even more original, is available to you! Have you ever heard of speed-riding? It is a sport that combines paragliding with a mini-sail and skiing! Using your mini-sail and skis, it's up to you to choose between flying, skiing, or both. Start with an instructor to learn the basics of the activity and be sure to check where this is allowed, as for safety reasons, this is not the case on the main ski slopes. Speed-riding is only for thrill-seekers who want the best of paragliding and skiing at the same time!    
Ski-free tandem flights are also an option for those who prefer to fly over snow-capped mountains.

Treat yourself to a helicopter flight and discover Mont-Blanc as you've never seen it before

Maybe you want to get even higher? If so, no problem: we have a solution! Go on an even more sensational adventure aboard a helicopter to experience the best view of the snow-capped Alps - a breathtaking spectacle. You will then be able to enjoy an exceptional view of the Chablais mountains but also, in a few minutes, get close to Mont-Blanc, the most emblematic peak of the Alps. These images will surely stay in your head for years to come! It is just a fabulous and extraordinary experience!