What about Tree-climbing in Morzine ?


For your next mountain vacation, are you hesitating between spending time in the great outdoors and having lots of adventures? We can understand that you don't know where to start and what to choose from, but after all, you might not have to choose! Indeed, during your stay in Morzine, you can quite easily combine the two types of activities by deciding to go tree climbing.   
In Morzine, as in the surrounding area, we are fortunate to have several adventure parks where you can test your agility in an environment close to nature. Tree climbing is intended for all ages and is accessible to all, whatever your physical condition. It is, indeed, good to clarify that, although it may sound a little impressive at first glance, tree climbing is a completely safe practice and does not require any particular physical preparation. 
A little dexterity, desire and above all a good mood, and you will be ready to get from tree to tree!  

Cascade adventure, the ideal place for thrills, near the Nyon waterfall

Cascade Aventure (in English, ‘Waterfall Adventure’) is an adventure park located near the Nyon waterfall. Nestled in the forest, Cascade Aventure has several high circuits available for tree climbing. There are different difficulty levels, but the principle is the same for all : you have to move from tree to tree using rope bridges. 
The large circuit consists of a 1.5 hour walk in the heart of the forest, about ten meters above the ground, next to the waterfall. It is composed of platforms and cables, as well as 40 workshops with variable difficulties. Notice to thrill seekers: 100 m and 130 m long zip-line circuits are included, situated 40 meters above the waterfall. And if the zipline gives you the most sensations, please be aware that you can do it completely independently of the circuit, and as much as you want for an hour.  
If you want to come with your family, be aware that specific circuits are reserved for the youngest, with levels of difficulty adapted to their age.
Waterfall Adventure also offers you a course called the Tyro-Ferrata. This is a ‘via ferrata’ climbing trail, which ends with a zip line. It will let you fly over the canyon and waterfall for great sensations. Trying this activity is, for sure, a unique experience! Imagine following the course of the torrent and the canyoning descents by flying and sliding. 

Indiana Parc, in the heart of Parc des Dérêches

Indiana Parc offers tree climbing circuits in the heart of nature, but a stone's throw from the centre of the village of Morzine, in the heart of Parc des Dérêches. The circuits, with ladders and walkways, allow you to move from tree to tree in a 100% secure environment, as you are securely attached to a safety wire. The Indiana Parc in Morzine welcomes young and old in the heart of unspoiled natural spaces, and invites you to discover the forest from another angle.
For adults, Indiana Parc offers no less than 3 circuits with progressive difficulty levels: blue, red and black. You will find that there is, in particular, a 110 meters long zipline and a large Tarzan jump, as well as a Quick Jump. But what is a Quick Jump? It is a gradual leap into the void. You will find all the sensations of jumping into the void, but in a safe environment! By means of ropes, jumping is slowed down after a few metres of free fall.    
The Indiana Kid, meanwhile, is a course that is dedicated to children from 4 years and from 1.05 metres tall. Even the most anxious moms should allow their children to participate. Thanks to a special security system, they cannot come off on their own.
And for the youngest, there is "le P'tit Kid", a circuit for children from 2 years old. It is accessible under the supervision of an adult who accompanies the child throughout the activity.

A7 Aventures , an adventure park respecting the "spirit of nature"  

The 7 Aventures base is located between Thonon, Morzine and Châtel.
With all its circuits located along the Dranse river, the adventure park located at Bioge promises a fun time and sensations in an ecological and playful environment.
There are different levels from easy green to black circuits that are reserved for the most athletic. More than 70 workshops will allow you to test your agility and your balance. And there is no question about safety, as all participants are supervised by a professional.