High ropes adventure

On a fun-filled summer holiday in the Alps, don’t miss the tree-top adventure trails perched in the trees. Morzine’s very own high ropes adventure park welcomes both young and old adventure enthusiasts to fly like a superman as you go tree-to-tree effortlessly on a zip wire! 
For those looking for a more challenging course, there’s a thrilling treetop ‘cascade’ adventure circuit situated about 40-meters above the ground, boasting ladders, rope swings, and cargo nets to give you an ultimate adrenaline rush. Moreover, this activity can either be pursued in a large 1-hour circuit or done independently for as many times as you want in the time period of one hour. And for the very adventurous, the latest addition is the “extreme” course under the foot bridge. This is not to be attempted by the feint hearted!
P.S.  Don’t forget to smile at the end of the zip wire adventure to make sure you look good in your photograph.
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Cascade Aventure
"Cascade Aventure" gives you the opportunity to try a tree-to-tree adventure course. It's available for everybody, kids and adults. No particular ...
100% safety Play at being Tarzan in safety, scoot from branch to branch at Indiana Parc where there's an all-natural circuit with monkey ladders and ...
Between skies and ground, hanging at 35m above ground under the Morzine bridge. The eXtrême links the 2 sides of the valley. This activity will make ...
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Bioge fun adventure trails take you from tree to tree by the river. This sport is a great way to explore the mountain with specialist equipment.