A thrilling new way to descend down the snow-capped mountains—Yooner sledging is inspired by an ancient craft, used by schoolchildren to negotiate snowy roads on their way to school! Exciting from the moment you set off, a Yooner is light, comfortable and above all easy to steer. It is fitted with a metal blade that can carve, just like a ski, and a shock absorber that helps you slide safely on deserted ski trails. It’s the more adrenalin filled alternative to sledging.
While this activity is accessible to one and all irrespective of their level, it is supervised by ski patrollers and highly-experienced instructors who will not only provide you with Yooners and other equipment but also explain its guiding principle for better control. All you need to do is manage your center of gravity and direction using your feet — and you’re ready to slide down the trails and unveil a truly fun-filled evening.
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Once the skiers have left the mountain, Indiana'Venture has a great new way of enjoying the snow: Yooner sledging is exciting from the moment you set ...