Ski area

  • In 2020 French Ski areas collectively signed up to a pact of eco-commitments with an aim to gradually decarbonize to reach zero emissions in 2037: 
  • The Morzine and Avoriaz ski areas have equipped themselves with new, less-polluting snow groomers. The machines run on biodegradable, non-toxic GTL eco-polar fuel, compared with GNR Hiver for traditional snow groomers. They are silent and consume less fuel. The snow groomers are equipped with the Snowsat tool, which provides ultra-precise snow height measurements. This data can be consulted by the driver in real time. It serves as a basis for better distribution of natural snow volumes and for producing only the minimum amount of artificial snow required. Snowsat also records the energy consumption of the snow groomers. These have been further reduced thanks to eco-driving training for the drivers and optimal maintenance of the machines.
  • The Summit association, which promotes eco-responsible behavior, has worked with the ski area to set up a poster and awareness-raising campaign on the best ways to protect the environment on the slopes.
  • In collaboration with the ONF (French Forestry Commission), every logging operation carried out in the ski area is accounted for (number of trees, cubage, etc.). Compensatory measures are put in place and trees are replanted in areas of the Chablais that need them, using local species such as spruce, fir and larch. In all, 46 tree protection measures were implemented in 2020.
  • All earthworks are systematically reseeded with local seeds, as on the Grizzli and Pointe de Nyon slopes.
  • 10% discount on the Morzine-Les Gets ski pass of 3 to 12 days duration for customers arriving by train (using the AlpinExpress card organized by Montagne Verte).
  • Installation of photovoltaic panels on the arrival station of the Proclou chairlift in 2021 and the new Lac Intrets chairlift in 2023. For Proclou 41metres of panels were installed for a forecast production of 9000 kWh per year, which will be self-consumed to operate the lift and reduce electricity consumption. On Lac Intrets an expected 63,600 KwH will be produced each year with an estimated self-consumption rate of 90%.