Cross-country skiing

Morzine offers 5 differents cross-country skiing areas:

 The Manche Valley area
An ideal place to try Nordic activities; it’s pure backcountry, there are no ski lifts for miles and the altitude range is 1100m to 1400m. The sector offers some 20km of maintained tracks.

•  Le Pleney / Chavannes (access thanks to Pleney cable car)
A 6kmnordic track. This area is very sunny and has panoramic views: from the Pleney’s “belvedere”, or 360° viewpoint, there’s an orientation table which is an excellent place to gaze at the Mont-Blanc range.
  Super Morzine / Avoriaz.
Probably the biggest and most beautiful Nordic area in all of the Portes du Soleil! In this highaltitude
setting (1500m - 1800m), the sector has 45km of slopes suitable for all levels, from green to black, with magnificent viewpoints too.

• Montriond lake
The site is perfect for a relaxing stroll in the mountains, deep in a valley where there’s an imposing
cliff-face and fir trees all around.
Access to cross-country routes is free throughout Morzine-Avoriaz; there is nothing to pay – unless you plan on using the ski lifts to reach the Nordic sectors up the mountain.
Suitable equipment for mountain activities is available in most sports shops in the village. All these shops are good places to find all the accessories and gear for whatever activity you are doing (hats, water bottles or hydration packs, gloves…).

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