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The world of the ebike

Isn't the ebike sporty?

The ebike arrived on the bike market selling the fact that the motricity of the bike will take you further and preserve you on the effort. Today, it is not the same speech, at least not 100%. The electrically-assisted bicycle, also known as an EAB, is much appreciated for its comfort during family outings with a little bit of difference in altitude. Or to replace the car when you live on site or close to amenities. Thrill-seekers, who ride on bike parks and enduro bikes, find new sensations during their session with an ebike. Indeed, you can go further, reach higher peaks with bigger climbs. It is important to remember that an ebike is heavier than a muscle bike (bike without electric assistance). The weight varies from 25 to 28 kg depending on the model and brand. So if you want to venture out on steep trails to get a feel for the terrain, you'll need to be in good physical condition to be able to ride your bike 100%.

EAB trail routes

There are marked routes throughout the Portes de Soleil area, as well as in the Vallée d'Aulps where Morzine is located. You can find the map here. The Portes du Soleil has prepared a number of marked trails for you. Whether you are experienced on a bike or want to explore our valley along the Dranse and then up to the Nyon waterfall where you can see people canyoning down the river.
The advantage of these itineraries is that they are accessible all year round, you are not affected by the opening hours of the ski lifts and you are completely autonomous.
As far as your equipment is concerned, if you have cycling clothes or clothes that are safe, that is ideal, as is mountain bike clothing. The most important thing is to have a good pair of shoes that protect your feet well, and it is better to choose trail shoes or hiking shoes rather than tennis shoes. Your feet should be protected in case of a fall. Knee pads and elbow pads are never too much, as these are the first parts of the body to take the brunt of a fall. Although the risk of falling is lower on ebikes than on bike parks, if you are not a rider, you should always wear elbow pads.
However, if you don't own an ebike, we invite you to check with our bike rental shops for availability. They usually only offer the rental service in the summer.
Whether you come from the world of muscle biking or are simply curious about this discipline. You can take ebike lessons and be supervised by one of our qualified instructors to help you discover and learn the right reflexes and habits to have on these motorised bicycles.
You can find shops that offer ebike rental here.