Nordic skiing & biathlon lessons

Cross-country skiing, a  sport that’s really good for you!
Cross-country skiing is very safe; the accident rate is only 1:10 000 days of crosscountry skiing, compared with 1:100 days of downhill skiing. For this reason, cross-country skiing is perfect for anyone trying to get their strength back after illness, and mums-to-be. It’s a proper work-out! Your heart, circulation, breathing, flexibility and chest muscles are all involved. As proof of its effectiveness, the sport is preferred training by cyclists, marathon runners and triathletes! For women, the sport is an all-inone weight-loss miracle, since it burns calories by working all the muscle groups. For children, it’s a sport that improves balance and muscle coordination; it’s also an ideal way to develop skills and suppleness.
Which style: Classic or Skating?
Cross-country skiing (also called Nordic skiing) can be done in one of two ways with different equipment:
• The Classic style (also called the alternating rythm) is done by sliding the skis forwards one after the other in prepared parallel grooves.
• The Skating style (also called the skater’s rythm) is a similar movement to rollerblading or ice skating which is done on smooth surfaces. What size poles to choose ? For classic style the poles should reach your armpits. For skating, the poles should reach your chin.

To improve your technique and feel comfortable on your skis, don’t hesitate to take some lessons with professional instructors. There are lessons for all levels, from beginner to competition level, from 7 yrs. The major advantage of these group lessons is the chance to explore all the cross-country sectors available.
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