Whitewater activities

The Alps are famous for their white-water activities, promising exhilarating fun for all ages and a sociable day out with other guests that will have you wanting for more. From ‘hydro-speeding’ your way through the white-water rapids on a personal ‘floating toboggan’ to experiencing the ultimate adrenaline rush as you rush down the waterfalls on a big raft, these ‘half day excursions’ are great fun for groups and a perfect opportunity to bond with your family and other Alpine guests onboard.
That’s not all; you can experience other white water activities like canoeing and kayaking that provide you with the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to discover the beauty of the beautiful freshwater Alpine lakes from your own little boat.
You’ll kick off all these activities with a brief introduction to the equipment and how to use it, in addition to safety techniques and riding tips. After getting your helmets and safety gear on, you just need to hop on your boat and you’re ready to go!
Professionals supervise all these activities.
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Bureau des Activités de Montagne
Pilot your floating toboggan down the white water rapids and hit the swirls and eddies on your way down! We will teach you the basic techniques of ...
Evolution 2
The ultimate adrenaline rush! You will abseil down waterfalls, slide down water-smoothed rocks, scramble over boulders, jump into pools of white water...
Bureau des Activités de Montagne
Rafting is a fun outdoor activity for everybody. Use an inflatable raft to navigate the alpine rivers, have fun with your friends and discover the ...
Star-Ski Sports Shop
Up to 7 people per boat. Suitable for everyone, rafting allows you to discover the river easily and safely under the supervision of a guide who knows...
Evolution 2
Take on the swirling rapids, the beautiful scenery and churning waves of the alpine river with expert supervision and full safety equipment.
Cascade Aventure
Intrepid adventurers, this activity is made for you! Canyoning is an outdoor activity, a combination of caving, hiking, climbing and white-water ...
Evolution 2
Have you been rafting and are looking for the next challenge? Well you've found it! Hydrospeeding is body-rafting down the rapids.
7 Aventures
Along the Dranse (a branch of the river feeding into Lake Geneva) is a 7km trail (Cl II - III). A guide at the helm of the river boat takes 6 to 8 ...
Star-Ski Sports Shop
Equipment: a float, flippers and a padded wetsuit. Experience the river from within!
Star-Ski Sports Shop
White water hiking combined with rope techniques, abseiling, jumps, natural slides…..guaranteed adrenalin! Day or half-day outings.